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3 Reasons Why Nonwovens Work Well For Filtration Products

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

iStock_000001967841SmallAccording to the INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, "filter fabric" is defined as "a cloth used to separate particles from their suspension in air or liquid."  Nonwoven fabrics are often used in filtration products.  But what makes them work so well in filtration?  To answer that, we will have to look at some of the characteristics of nonwoven fabrics.

Three reasons nonwovens work well for filtration products are:

  1. Synthetic materials. Prior to the use of synthethics, fabrics used in filters were often used as nothing more than strainers:  particles were larger than the fabric knit and were captured mechanically.  Synthetic nonwoven fabrics can not only perform mechanically but also can be electrostratically charged.  This increases the effiency of the filtration when small particles need to be eliminated.
  2. Water-resistant.  One major benefit of using nonwoven fabrics in filtration is that they can be water-resistant and, thus, resistant to moisture absorption.  If a filter doesn't absorb moisture it is far less likely to be subject to microbial growth.  Nonwoven filters should not become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
  3. Less bulk. Nonwoven fabrics provide extraordinary efficiency while using less media than other filters.  This reduces raw material usage and waste which will ultimately save money for manufacturers.
These are only three of the many reasons nonwovens are a great fit for the filtration industry...and a few of the reasons why nonwovens fit in such a broad spectrum of applications in the home and in a wide variety of industries. 

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