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3 Reasons Why the Industrial Nonwovens Market Could Grow More Than Anticipated

Posted by Chris Rowlett

industrial nonwovens marketA 2013 study by the Freedonia Group states that the overall nonwovens market is forecast to grow to $7.1 billion in 2016 but there are at least three reasons why the industrial nonwovens market could grow more than anticipated in the coming years.

  1. Manufacturing is on the rise. According to the June employment report from Automatic Data Processing, 51,000 manufacturing jobs were added in June…the most since December 2009. As manufacturing jobs increase, the demand for industrial nonwoven products like industrial and dual-texture wipes, facemasks, and even industrial mats will almost certainly increase.  
  1. New information in manufacturing. Many manufacturers are under the impression that reusable, laundered shop towels are more environmentally friendly. However, manufacturing customers are now beginning to understand that the amount of landfill space taken up by industrial wipes is so small that solid waste studies are not able to identify the percentage that wipes contribute to landfills. In addition, some shop towels were found to still have contaminants even after being laundered. This presents hazards to clean room environments and, potentially, to employees.
  1. Convenience. The old saying that “time is money” is true, especially in a manufacturing environment. Industrial wipes are pre-saturated with cleaning solutions or degreasers and are engineered to be virtually lint free.   

 The truth is that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding all the uses that industrial nonwovens will have in manufacturing applications. Is your nonwovens manufacturing partner ready to work with you to find the right industrial solutions for your products?

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