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3 Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Partners and Projects on Schedule

Posted by Chris Rowlett

nonwoven manufacturing schedulesDeadlines. Every project has them. And every project engineer or production manager has, at one time or another, faced a looming deadline with dread. Are all the pieces coming together? Will that part of the project ship when it should? Is there anything I can do to make this happen on time AND come in on budget?

Missing a critical deadline can wreak havoc on your company’s financial bottom line. Before that happens, it’s important to review project guidelines and expectations to ensure your colleagues and manufacturing partners are all on the same calendar page.

1. Communication

At the outset of every manufacturing project, let everyone involved in production understand the key time factors and milestone deliverables along every step of the way. Have a brief project meeting with engineers, purchasing managers and production staff so that you’re aware of how long each step takes from securing raw materials to product drying times to shipping schedules. Be sure that you continue to communicate with all parties throughout the life of the project. If a potential snag arises, ensure that you have an open communication channel so that you can be made aware of any problems as they arise.

2. Time management

Examine the critical path of your production schedule to see if there are any ways to add efficiencies. Are there any areas of your production that can occur simultaneously? Can you begin securing manufacturing partners after you order key raw materials? How much time will you need in-house for product assembly? Will packaging be done in-house or outsourced? There are many factors involved in effective time management to maximize your project timelines.

3. Incentives

You know how critical your project deadlines are but many others in your supply chain may not place emphasis on meeting them. You may want to consider a program to reward vendors or manufacturing partners who get the job done on time. You can consider giving better invoice terms to vendors who meet your deadlines. Some companies even reward on-time vendors with a 1-5% bonus for meeting critical deadlines early.


Project deadlines are critical in the world of nonwoven manufacturing. It’s important that project managers incorporate at least one or two of the above strategies to ensure that projects stay on target so that products can ship out on time—every time.  How do you ensure your projects stay on target?

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