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5 Reasons to Choose Nonwovens for Your Air Filtration Products

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

iStock_000001967841SmallIndoor air quality is listed as one of the EPA’s top five risks to public health. According to the American Thoracic Society, respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, lung cancer and sleep apnea affect millions of Americans. One of the most important ways to improve air quality is through air filtration systems. According to a Nonwovens Industry article by Tony Fedel, there are a few benefits to consider when determining why synthetic nonwoven fabrics may be best for use in your air filtration products.

1.   Nonwoven fabrics can work mechanically and with electrostatic charges.  Unlike non-synthethic fabrics that capture particles via straining or by forcing the particles to collide and attach to the media, nonwoven fabrics can also be electrostatically charged which will increase the efficiency of the filtration without impeding airflow.

2.   Nonwoven fabrics can be made to resist microbial growth.  In moist areas, resistance to moisture and, thus, microbial growth is a vital component of filtration.

3.  Nonwoven fabrics can be made of thermally bonded fibers that will resist shedding.  Keeping ductwork clean is a critical component of efficient airflow and non-shedding fabrics are a big help.

4.  Nonwoven fabrics can use less media than other types of filters.  In the effort to reduce waste and costs, using nonwoven synthetic filter media can boost sustainability.

5.  High-capacity pleated filters made with nonwovens can extend filter life.  Extending filter life reduces costs and even labor costs by eliminating more frequent filter changes.

There are many synthetic and non-synthetic products for filtration media. It’s important to look at all the features of each to choose the correct filter media for your air filtration products.

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