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5 Ways ISO 9001 Certification Helps Nonwoven Manufacturers Focus on Quality

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

ID-10098878Without customers and customer needs, businesses would not exist. Sometimes, however, as business expands, the focus on the customer is lost and other priorities take precedence. Manufacturers who implement ISO 9001 practices often ensure that their focus is sharply driven to customer satisfaction with high quality products.

 ISO 9001 principles help companies focus on several key factors for enhanced customer satisfaction.

  1. Customer focus.  ISO certification encourages manufacturers to understand and respond to the needs of their customers by delivering the products and services their customers are seeking. By keeping customer needs as a central focus, businesses are able to efficiently and effectively allocate resources to meet those needs.
  2. Good leadership. Every manufacturer needs a leadership team to establish the company direction. Successful company leaders will motivate their teams and manage communication among all departments.
  3. Employee involvement. Personal investment in products and in customer satisfaction enables all team members to become creative and committed team members. If all team members have a vested interest in their company and in their products, they will be eager to produce quality products.
  4. Process approach to quality management.  When production activities and resources are all managed together, overall costs of doing business can be the most efficient. This leaves management to focus on prioritizing goals that are important to the long-term success of both the business and its customers.
  5. Continual improvement.  As manufacturers focus more and more on the big picture and the overall needs of its customers with ISO 9001 principles, they can gain advantages over their competition. Businesses often seek manufacturing partners with strong commitments to customer values and success.

Strong. customer-focused values are an important component of ISO 9001 certification.   Have you looked for a nonwoven manufacturing partner who implements ISO 9001 principles?

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