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5 Benefits of Dual Texture Wipes

Posted by Patrick Heery

Back in the 1950's, if you visited a mechanic's shop, you would not have been surprised to see a grease-covered mechanic wiping blackened hands on an equally grimy shop towel.  Today's mechanics often turn to dual texture wipes when they need a soft fabric for cleaning off oil and grease and a rougher fabric for scrubbing away tougher stains.

iStock_000023041113SmallThese wipes are usuallly designed to be around the same size as a paper towel with a smooth, durable side complemented by a slightly rougher texture on the opposite side.  They're manufactured using sophisticated meltblown technology to provide added strength, flexibilty and absorbency.  It's no wonder mechanics are turning to them for a convenient, disposable way to get the grime off without resorting to harsh chemicals or the greasy rags of old.

Why do these nonwoven wipes work so well?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. Size.  They're big enough for the job.  Dual texture wipes are designed to be heavy duty for tough cleaning jobs so they're sized appropriately.  Tough jobs do not need delicate wipes.
  2. A textured side for scrubbing.  Half of the appeal of these wipes is that they're made to loosen heavily soiled surfaces...from skin to countertops to floors. 
  3. Soft, absorbent side.  The other half of the appeal is that the soft side can quickly and easily absorb grime.
  4. Independent.  You don't need to add water.  The wipes are treated with the right cleaning chemicals for the job.
  5. Disposable.  You don't have to even think about laundering these wipes. 

The next time you visit your car mechanic, take a look around.  I'll bet you see some dual texture wipes on the shelf.

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