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7 Nonwoven Products for the Bathroom

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

7_nonwoven_bathroom_products.jpgLet’s face it, bathrooms don’t get a whole lot of the spotlight. But, when you think about it, we certainly spend some time of every day in the bathroom! Nonwoven products abound in the bathroom and there is always room for more.



Here’s a list of seven nonwoven products you may find in any bathroom (spoiler alert: some of them may surprise you!).


1. Disposable wipes. This is an easy one to spot. These may be flushable or non-flushable (check the packaging!). There are even specific wipes for different purposes: cleaning wipes, make-up removal wipes, personal cleaning wipes and baby wipes. Depending on the purpose, these wipes are moistened and can be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfumes.

2. Bandages. A lot of people keep first aid kits in the bathroom. These nonwovens provide degrees of stretch, breathability and can be quite cloth-like.

3. Shower curtain. There are nonwoven curtains made specifically for the shower. These are generally treated to be as water repellent as possible.

4. Bathroom curtain. Nonwoven heading tape is often used between the lining and face fabric to add crispness and hold pleats.

5. Ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles can have a smooth nonwoven veil that is water resistant for bathroom ceilings. This is especially prevalent in hotel, hospital and even restaurant applications.

6. Shower caps. Disposable shower caps can be made with inexpensive and convenient nonwoven materials.

7. Wallpaper. Nonwoven wallpapers are created to be both washable and breathable. So, there’s less chance for a vapor lock to create mold and mildew.


Everywhere we look, we find nonwovens. It’s up to manufacturers and converters to not only read the existing market but even look into the future to see what products can be improved or even created to help satisfy the needs of homeowners and building owners in the future. Nonwovens have a place in every room in every building!


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