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Antimicrobial Treatments for Nonwovens Help Keep Germs Out

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

You’ve seen the gallon-sized jugs of hand cleaner everywhere from your doctor’s office to the cart corral at your local discount superstore. People are concerned about the spread of pandemics like the swine flu and bird flu and almost equally concerned about the spread of the common cold. More and more people are saying “no” to germs and “yes” to anti-germ products.

What does “antimicrobial” mean?

According to Merriam Webster, antimicrobial is an adjective meaning “destructive to or inhibiting the growth of ID-100111169microorganisms.” Microbes are tiny organisms that can carry and transmit diseases. More and more consumers today are requesting antimicrobial treatments on products ranging from clothing to bedding to athletic footwear.

How can nonwoven fabrics be made antimicrobial?

There are a variety of techniques manufacturers are using to make antimicrobial nonwovens. The technique will often depend on the end use of the product, but companies are now adding copper and silver into the melting polyester fabric; both elements attack and defend against bacteria growth. Other companies are using specific antimicrobial additives and even chemical bonding agents with antimicrobial properties.

 What types of products are now being made antimicrobial?

In addition to wipes, more products are being created all the time to be antimicrobial.  Today, you can find antimicrobial nonwovens in filler for sleeping bags, nurses uniforms, clean room garments, surgical drapes, towels, air filters, upholstery, auto headliners, carpet backing, mops, sponges, and more.

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