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Converters Rely on On-Time Delivery from Nonwoven Manufacturing Partners

Posted by Chris Rowlett

nonwovens supplier on time deliveryConverters are looking for faster delivery than ever before, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice cost or quality to achieve it. As a result, they prefer to purchase materials from suppliers with a proven record for delivering all three criteria consistently. To ensure you stay on your customer’s Approved Vendor List, select your own suppliers with an eye toward the quality of their manufacturing.

Your suppliers need to have proven, documented procedures to ensure that they provide a consistent product, especially in complex industries such as nonwoven textiles. When selecting a supplier for your nonwoven fabrics, look for ISO or MMOG/LE certification as a proof point that the supplier cares enough about its customers to take the time to document processes and ensure that all employees follow the procedures.

Certification alone doesn’t guarantee a quality product, but it may help to ensure that the nonwovens manufacturing company will produce higher quality products, like meltblown polypropylene wipes, more consistently and that they will become aware of process deviations sooner so they produce less scrap.

Less scrap results in lower overall costs, so certification not only helps ensure that you receive high-quality products but that your costs will be reasonable. Low cost suppliers often achieve their favorable cost structures by cutting corners during the manufacturing process, which results in less predictability in both quality and delivery. As a result, you may achieve a favorable PPV (Purchase Price Variance) or low acquisition cost, but you will more than make up for the low cost with potential issues in your own manufacturing.

Late deliveries from suppliers can wreak havoc with your production schedules, which also impacts your customers further down the supply chain. Inconsistent or erratic quality in your nonwoven textiles may cause your equipment to run less effectively, or require a more thorough incoming inspection process to cull out off-spec goods. Then your manufacturing predictability suffers, your product quality suffers and your cost structure is off. The impact on the entire supply chain and on the end product could be devastating. Worst of all, your product lead-time extends to provide a cushion to allow for these potential issues, or you miss delivery promises.

Poor quality, missed deadlines and increased costs all impact your customer who may begin to look for a new supplier who can provide consistent delivery and product quality. Converters should always consider a supplier’s ability to deliver high quality product quickly in order to ensure their own product delivery and quality will satisfy customers.

Do you know what questions to ask when selecting a nonwovens manufacturing partner?  Download our handy checklist to help you ensure you're working with the right supplier who values quality and on-time delivery.

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