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Filter Talk: Trends in the Nonwoven Filtration Industry

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

nonwoven filtration productsAccording to a recent Nonwovens Industry article by Tim Wright, the sales of filter elements exceeded $34 billion in 2013. It only makes sense that the market is so huge because filtration is used almost everywhere: in homes and office buildings, in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals for purification for air and liquid, and in transportation.

Nonwoven fabrics began to penetrate the filtration market in the 1970s. With the filtration industry growing at 2 to 6 percent per year and expected to continue climbing, it’s important to consider the driving factors behind the growth and to anticipate where the market will move. Innovative manufacturers will continue to develop new products to keep the filtration market strong.

Trends in Filtration

Environmental concerns are a dominant conversation in industry today. Federal, state and local laws are increasingly aimed at ensuring that industrial discharges and waste streams are reduced significantly to enhance environmental protection. The filtration industry is a major financial benefactor of these new regulations.

Another area for consideration is the steady increase of quality assurance. Manufacturers, in an effort to achieve higher product quality, are increasingly filtering more often at finer micron levels. Industry examples of this can be found in pharmaceuticals and food and beverages, among others.  

Room for growth

There is a multitude of opportunities in the filtration market for innovative nonwoven partners. As technologies advance and customer demand drives growth, the filtration industry will continue to move toward high performance products. Factors such as environmental awareness, diminishing resources and continued global urbanization will drive the need for cleaner water and air quality in homes, businesses and vehicles.

The filtration industry accounts for the biggest chunk of the nonwoven fabrics market in the US. Nonwoven manufacturers are always on the lookout for process improvements and advanced technologies to enhance their product lines to meet specifications. Working with your nonwoven manufacturer is the best way to ensure your filtration products are up to the rigorous standards you expect.

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