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For Your Health: More About Nonwoven Fabrics in Healthcare

Posted by Chris Rowlett

Nonwoven fabric is a material that is made from a series of long fibers that have normally been bonded together through some type of treatment - either solvent, mechanical, heat or chemical. These types of fabrics have a large number of benefits in many industries, including the medical industry. The benefits of nonwoven fabrics in the medical industry range from making the production of certain types of materials cost-effective to making medical environments safer for healthcare professionals and even patients.


ID-100261599One of the biggest benefits of nonwoven fabrics in the medical industry has to do with protection. They are commonly used during the manufacturing process for such materials as surgical disposable caps, surgical gowns, scrub suits, shoe covers, gowns and more. These uses are primarily due to the fact that they offer excellent protection against both airborne particles and wet or dry contact with certain types of substances. When used in these types of environments, the materials can be fully compliant with all current safety standards due to the ease at which they are manufactured. As a result, single-use nonwoven protection materials can offer a 100% effectiveness rate with regards to the safety they provide medical professionals in potentially harmful or dangerous environments

Ease of Manufacturing

Another major benefit of nonwovens in the medical industry has to do with the ease at which they are manufactured. Because nonwovens can be heavily customized during the manufacturing process, they can be custom-made for the specific medical situation that they will be used in. Just a few examples of the customization benefits that these materials have to offer includes a design that is specific to the procedure in question, a design that allows for a maximum comfort level for the person wearing it, a design that is strong yet light weight, a design that is optimal for the absorption of fluid and more. Because nonwoven materials are so heavily customizable by the manufacturer, depending on the needs of the situation, they are also inherently more cost effective than other types of solutions. This allows healthcare facilities to both have the types of equipment they need and keep costs down in the facility as a whole.

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