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Geotextiles: Nonwoven Solutions for Landscaping, Gardening and Construction

Posted by Chris Rowlett

geotextiles and nonwovensThe geotextiles market is estimated to reach $6.3 billion by 2017.   Nonwovens are a perfect fit for this market that requires separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection, and draining.   Materials like polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene and others can be manufactured to fit a variety of needs in the geotextiles market.

A number of products are currently manufactured to take advantage of this growing market. Fabrics for geotextiles often include nonwoven continuous filament heat bonded or needle-punched, nonwoven staple needle-punched, nonwoven resin bonded and others.

So, how do you know which nonwoven fabrics you need for your geotextile products?

  1. Separation. If you are manufacturing a product designed to prevent mixing between two layers of soil, you’ll need a nonwoven fabric with UV resistance, chemical stability and resistance to decay.

  2. Drainage. If your product is designed to gather water and discharge it, you’ll need to be concerned with permeability factors, thickness, chemical stability and decay resistance.

  3. Filtration. Retaining fine particles requires fabrics with limited permeability, chemical stability and decay resistance.

  4. Reinforcement. Designing products to allow for fill material in construction or landscaping calls for high tensile strength and chemical and decay resistance.

  5. Protection. If you’re manufacturing a product designed to prevent erosion, you’ll need puncture and pressure resistance along with chemical and decay resistance.


Of course, the properties above are just the basic recommendations for geotextile products. Work closely with your nonwoven manufacturer to determine other fabric properties for specific product specifications.

Geotextiles are here to stay. Nonwovens make them stronger and more efficient.

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