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The New Nonwovens: Getting the “Non” Out

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Nonwoven fabrics

It’s pretty funny that we describe what we do by basically saying what we are not. We work with nonwovens. Not wovens. The anti-wovens, if you will.

Think about what we would call other industries if they followed the same principle:

Airline industry: The Non-Ground industry

Healthcare: Anti-sick-care

Retail: Things-You-Don’t-Make-At-Home

Farming: Not-Killing-Plants

It’s a little crazy, when you think of it.


Earlier this year, the Global Nonwovens Summit in Boston decided to put an end to all that.   According to an article in Nonwovens Industry, EDANA president Pierre Wiertz is leading the efforts to not only start describing nonwovens in a more positive light but also review how we classify nonwovens under the textile umbrella.


Because nonwovens use a variety of raw materials, the harmonization codes used for importing and exporting finished goods can be hard to track. Sometimes, exporters face more hurdles and complications because the process type can be so widely different from product to product. With standardization comes freedom.


So, in May in Boston, President Wiertz offered a new definition:


“an engineered fibrous assembly which has been given a designed level of structural integrity by physical and/or chemical means with the exclusion of paper, woven or knitted materials.”


So, the definition has now been approved. But the process to get approved through the World Customs Organization (WCO), the International Standard Organization (ISO) and Haronization Standards will take about five years. Wiertz expects the process to be complete by 2022.


In the meantime, is there a contest for a new and improved name for nonwovens? Engineered fibers? EFAs (Engineered Fiber Assemblies)? Can we get a new tradeshow like Engineered-Fiber-Con?


Whatever happens with the new non-nonwovens, we’re on board. Let’s get positive about nonwovens!


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