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Hit the Road with Automotive Nonwovens

Posted by Chris Rowlett

automotive nonwovensIf you're finding the seat in your new car to be very comfortable, you may have nonwoven textiles to thank for that plush cushioning. If your newer car seems quieter than older cars, you may have nonwovens to thank for that, too. If the air seems fresher even while you’re driving through a tunnel or a big city, it could be the result of the nonwoven textiles used in manufacturing your car’s filters.

Resists mold

Automotive manufacturers often specify a nonwoven backing for carpet used in trunks and seating areas because of its strength, durability and resistance to mold. Traditional woven textiles made from organic materials would break down faster and they would succumb to mold and mildew quickly under the constant assault from wet shoes or spilled beverages.

Protects your belongings

Trunk liners and glove boxes are often nonwoven textiles as well. Manufacturers can easily mold nonwovens to fit the model’s dimensions and specifications exactly, so the fit and finish are perfect. Engineers often specify a slight nap to the texture of the trunk molding so that it protects items stored in the trunk from scratches.


Much of the seat in your car will be created using nonwovens. If you have fabric seats, the covers are probably non-woven textiles. Even if your car has leather seats, you may find nonwovens in less visible areas like the padding and cushioning. It’s also likely that the sun visor and the dashboard padding are comprised of some nonwoven fabrics.

Sound and vibration

The linings of the door panels in your car may be nonwovens to help absorb noise and vibration. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturer may wrap or pad your car’s muffler with nonwovens to eliminate noise while at the same time resisting heat and abrasion. Anywhere parts rub together, creating the possibility that they might vibrate or squeak, you will probably find nonwoven textiles improving your automotive experience.

Whether you drive a luxury car or an economy model, a convertible or a minivan, an SUV or two-seater, you will find automotive nonwovens throughout your vehicle. You will also find nonwovens used in the manufacturing process for boats, trucks, rider mowers and almost every form of transportation.

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