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How to Select the Right Nonwoven Fabric for Liquid Filtration Products

Posted by Chris Rowlett

imagesThe variety of products to be removed from a liquid stream ranges from practically invisible to the naked eye to larger solids.   One of the first major considerations for converters when designing an end-use liquid filtration product is the size of the solids to be removed from the liquid stream.   That, however, is not the only consideration.

When developing or improving a liquid filtration product, consult with your nonwoven manufacturing partner about the specifications you need for the following factors:

  1. What is the quality of filtration required? This will determine how tightly woven the nonwoven fabric needs to be. Additionally, this could affect the choice of raw materials for the nonwoven fabric.

  2. What are the conditions of the filter application? Things like flow rate, pressure and temperature have an impact not only on nonwoven fabric specifications but also for whether or not additives should be used.
  3. What are the characteristics of the solids being removed? Is the material hazardous?   How big or small are the particles?

  4. How large is the volume of the liquid flow? This can especially impact the tensile strength of the nonwoven fabric selected for the application.

Types of nonwovens used in liquid filtration applications include meltblown, needlefelts, paper sheets, filter papers, resin bonded paper, drylaid webs and spunbond products. Two of the most common filter application types are liquid bag filters and cartridges.

Consideration of how often the filter should be changed and how expensive it is for the end user to change it is also a determining factor in the development of the liquid filtration product. These things impact the bottom-line cost to the customer and should be carefully reviewed prior to manufacturing the product.

Selecting the appropriate nonwoven fabric for liquid filtration products can have a significant impact on the functionality of the final product and the quality of the solid removal from the liquid stream.

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