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Is Your Nonwoven Manufacturer Taking Orders? Or Providing Solutions?

Posted by Chris Rowlett

ID-10022766Often it seems like manufacturers want to simply take orders.   They ask for specifications and then they build a product according to specifications. It works this way a lot of times because they don’t want to take the blame if something goes wrong. “Well,” they can say. “YOU wanted it done this way! It’s our job to give you what you want.”

That’s true. But there’s more to it than that.

The job of your manufacturing partners IS to give you the product you want. But another, perhaps unspoken, part of the job is to ask questions of themselves and of you to ensure that the product you receive is the best product for the end use.

Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves a few questions to get to the heart of the nonwoven textile you need.  

1)   Is this the best thickness/fabric strength for the job? If you are producing a filtration product, you will need a fabric with different properties than if you are producing a surgical gown. It’s always a good idea to perform a few tests before you get into production to ensure that the thickness and tensile strength are appropriate.

2)   Do you need something that’s flame retardant? Your manufacturing partner should be able to work with you to build in characteristics like this to ensure that your end product meets tough industry regulations.

3)   What’s the actual end use of the product? Your manufacturing partner should care about where the nonwoven fabric will be going. They can suggest different techniques like utilizing meltblown, chembond, or thermal point bond binding to get the best fabric properties for your end use product.

Your manufacturer should ask questions instead of just taking your orders if they want to be a long-term trusted partner. After all, you went to them for their expertise. They should ensure that they are providing solutions to problems you may not have even known you had.  

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