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It's There or Not: You Can't Inspect Quality Into Nonwoven Products

Posted by Darlene Rathell

nonwoven textile manufacturingIn today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, customers assume that any product they purchase will be of excellent quality. This is as true for textiles manufacturing as it is for any other product. Yet nonwovens manufacturing is in many ways an art as well as a science. The potency or concentrations of additives, as well as the grade and individual lot characteristics of the fabric’s textile material all affect the final product and its ultimate performance. That means that the manufacturing company needs strong process controls and manufacturing process monitoring must occur throughout the system.

Some companies monitor the first few yards of nonwoven textiles produced, and once they reach the minimum spec, they keep running until they finish the order. Because the process is so intricate, manufacturing nonwoven textiles requires frequent checks and process monitoring to ensure that the process stays within tolerances. It isn’t possible to inspect quality in at the end of the manufacturing process. Quality needs to be an inherent part of the process itself.

Even if your supplier doesn’t ship you out of tolerance material, the process variability adds to the overall cost of the product. The nonwoven textiles manufacturer needs to have documented processes and procedures that its people follow rigorously. The processes must include not only ingredient confirmations, but also frequent periodic checks to ensure that the material is still within tolerance and procedures for ensuring that it takes the right steps to bring the process quickly back into alignment.

Engineers should be sure that their product specs include such standard items as material composition, thickness, width and tensile strength, but they should also include processes and procedures for ensuring that the manufacturing process has adequate controls to ensure the high quality product necessary for success.

When you select a nonwoven textiles partner to work with, you should evaluate their manufacturing processes to ensure that they take product quality as seriously as you do.

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