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Keeping a Successful Relationship with Nonwoven Manufacturing Partners

Posted by Chris Rowlett

ID-10017367Maintaining a successful relationship with your outsourcing partners is one of the cornerstones of running a successful business. Generally speaking, you aren't going to be in communication with your nonwoven manufacturing partners on a daily basis. Your ability to share information and keep everyone not only on the same page but working toward the same goal is of the utmost importance. By keeping just a few key things in mind, you can cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with all of your business partners that will be successful for years to come.

A Clearly Defined Strategy

One of the most important parts of maintaining a successful relationship with your outsourcing partners on a long-term basis involves developing a clearly defined strategy that all parties can agree on. This will help enure that your partners know exactly what is expected of them up-front and will keep everyone working towards the same, unified goal. This method depends on sharing any and all relevant information with your partners as it becomes available. For example, if you need your nonwoven fabric to be fire resistant, let them know up front in addition to providing specs like tensile strength and fabric widths. Thanks to modern day technological advancements, there are a large number of different IT solutions and deployments that can aid in the sharing of information. You don't always have to call a meeting with your outsourcing partners (though face-to-face meetings on occasion are important as well). You can use document sharing and collaboration tools to instantly pass information between the two parties whenever the need arises.

Keeping everyone on the same page will also avoid spending time, energy and money on work that you aren't satisfied with. You can also aid in the education of your partner, or vice versa. If you're using nonwoven fabrics during the manufacturing process for your high-end products, for example, you need to make sure that everyone is aware of the inherent benefits that they offer. Failure to do so will only result in work that nobody is pleased with and money spent that could have been better used for other purposes.

Getting to Know One Another

Another important component of maintaining a successful relationship with your outsourcing partners is getting to know them before work begins. Find out what their strengths are as well as their weaknesses. Remember that this is supposed to be a relationship that benefits both parties - jumping into business with an organization when you haven’t asked the tough questions will only lead to disappointment down the road. Ensure that their method of doing business aligns with yours.

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