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Manufacturing Personal Care Wipes To Meet Customer Demands

Posted by FDI Meltblown Team

personal care wipesThe personal care wipes industry is high on lists of converters and manufacturers in the nonwovens arena. According to a February 5 article by Taro Olivo in Nonwovens Industry, the market has nearly doubled over the past ten years with over 170 billion units sold in 2013. 170 billion units translate to a lot of personal care dollars (about $8.2 billion) with more anticipated in the coming ten years.

But what customer demands do converters and manufacturers need to meet in order to capitalize on this burgeoning market?

  1. Flushability. Consumers want to flush their personal care wipes and the nonwovens industry is heavily focused on manufacturing wipes that can be flushed in addition to educating consumers on what can and what cannot be flushed.  

  2. Performance.   Consumers want soft wipes with durability that will outperform their traditional bath tissue. They want nonwoven fabrics and the accompanying cleaning agents to be gentle on their skin. Converters and manufacturers are challenged to create softer fabrics with gentle cleaning agents that leave consumers feeling refreshed without feeling scrubbed raw. Additionally, texture is an important feature of personal care wipes. Wipes need to remove dirt and oil with subtle textured features without compromising the softness of the fabric.

  3. Product innovation. Certainly toilet tissue, make-up removal, sunscreen application and other skin care wipes are not the only products that can take advantage of this convenient format. With some research into customer needs, effort and imagination, converters and manufacturers can work together to manufacture new and improved products for this ever-increasing market.

  4. Sustainability. Sustainability is the newest buzzword among manufacturers worldwide because it’s one thing that consumers remain highly focused on.   Companies are investing in reducing their environmental impact in a number of ways, including reduction of energy consumption and waste.

 The wipes market is set to continue its growth well into the foreseeable future. Manufacturers and converters can continue to work together to ensure that they meet the rising demands of consumers.

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