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Medical Nonwoven Fabrics: Choosing Nonwovens for Surgical Wound Care Products

Posted by Chris Rowlett

nonwovens for wound careWhy should manufacturers opt for nonwoven fabrics over other materials like cotton, foams or gels when developing surgical wound care products? There are a variety of choices readily available for manufacturers in the surgical care products industry so what makes nonwovens the perfect solution?

  1. Layering with other products/fabrics: Nonwoven fabrics can be designed to be thin and strong with properties appropriate for wound care like absorbency, fabric resilience, softness and stretchability. Combining a nonwoven fabric with other materials, including adhesives, can be an ideal solution for manufacturers looking to create a barrier product that’s easy to apply and remove.

  2. Application of antimicrobial agents: Nonwoven fabrics can be treated with antimicrobial agents to reduce or even prevent infection.
  3. Lower cost for end-use customers due to higher performance: Hospitals are cost-sensitive. Manufacturers looking to provide bulk quantities of wound care products are careful to assess margins and to show their customers how the product performance can impact hospital bottom lines.   Using nonwoven fabrics in wound care can often impact the healing process significantly due to higher performance products. Faster healing means greater efficiency that almost always means cost reduction.  
  4. Choices and flexibility: The most common fibers used in developing nonwoven fabrics for wound care are polypropylene, polyester and viscose. These are produced in weights from 70 gsm and up depending on the end-use needs of the final product.

Nonwoven fabrics are used throughout the medical industry, so choosing a nonwoven for a wound care product seems to be a natural choice. You can talk to your nonwoven manufacturing partner about what nonwoven fabrics might work great for your products.

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