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4 Reasons Why the Meltblown Shines in Medical Nonwovens

Posted by FDI Meltblown Team


Converters looking for niche products in the healthcare industry may want to consider working with a nonwoven manufacturer who can produce meltblown products. 

There are a variety of reasons why meltblown products are a terrific solution for medical nonwovens, among them are: 

  1. Dual-texture capability.  Meltblown wipes can be manufactured with one scrubby side and one smooth side for industrial-type cleaning.  This is especially critical in many healthcare environments for the removal of dried particles for increased effectiveness in disinfecting.
  2. Small diameters. Fine fibers with less than 0.1 denier per filament can be useful in environments where there are real concerns about spreading infection. 
  3. High containment removal efficiency. Because the continuous extruded fibers can be so tightly woven, the chances of a meltblown product removing contamination are very high with an efficiency rating of close to 100%. 
  4. Higher production capacity. In short, the greater the production capacity, the lower the manufacturing costs in the end. 

Meltblown products are increasing in the marketplace as technology improves and demand for disposable, high-quality medical nonwovens increases.  It’s important not only to understand how meltblown products can be a benefit to the medical nonwovens market but also to explore additional end-uses for the meltblown products. 

Your nonwovens manufacturer can assist you in making good decisions about which nonwoven process is best for your end-use products.

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