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Nonwoven Fabrics in the Beauty and Wellness Industry: Beauty in the Bond

Posted by Chris Rowlett

nonwovens for beauty marketIt appears that everyone these days is looking for ways to get stronger, look younger and stay healthier. The estimated size of the global market for the beauty and anti-aging industry is estimated to be $1.025 trillion. U.S. consumers logged 160 million visits to spas in 2013 alone with that number climbing every year since 2008.   The global skin care market alone is expected to be $115 billion this year and rise to $154 billion in 2021.

How can savvy nonwoven manufacturers and converters capitalize on the booming beauty business?

  1. Explore the market. There is a lot of room for nonwoven products in the spa and home health markets. Take a look at existing products like facial sheets, wax depilatory strips, makeup remover wipes and see if your company can make any of those products better.

  2. Innovate. Is there a way that you can take an existing spa treatment product and modify it for easy home use? Can you make an exfoliating wipe stronger? Can you create a fabric that has better lotion management?

  3. Find a new partner. If you’ve been in the beauty products industry for a while, you can amp up your creative juices by exploring new supply chain partners. Is there a nonwoven manufacturer who has a technology that may make your products better? Are there any other partners out there who can make your products more absorbent, softer, stronger or more flexible?

  4. Go to the source. Ask spa owners, managers and employees what consumers are asking for but aren’t getting.   See if there is a hole in the market where you can offer a solution.

As the nonwovens market continues to grow across all industries worldwide, it’s important for nonwoven manufacturers and converters to work together to find new ways to bring more products to market that fit consumer needs.

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