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Nonwoven Manufacturing Challenges: How to Ensure On-Time Delivery from Suppliers

Posted by Chris Rowlett

One of the challenges converters face is ensuring that all of their suppliers are in sync with required deadlines to get end-use products like diapers, wipe or other nonwoven products delivered to the customer on time.

nonwoven on-time deliveryHowever, when working with more than one supplier at a time, it’s often difficult to time the arrival of products to maximize the converting company’s efficiency. How can converting companies and other manufacturers work to improve deadline adherence to get products out the door and in customer’s hands within the required timeframe?

  1. Be clear. When you begin discussing your project with your nonwoven manufacturing partner or other suppliers, be very concise and clear about your deadline requirements. Include the date required on your request for quote and in your contract. As your project moves forward, ensure that the company’s project manager knows your project deadline and is committed to meet it.

  2. Overestimate. Determine when you need your project pieces to come together to meet your final project deadline. Add one to two weeks to that deadline, depending on your own manufacturing schedule and your warehouse capacity. (If you don’t have the space required for early shipments, this may not be an option for you.)

  3. Offer incentives. For companies who get your project to you earlier than promised, offer bonus incentives for early completion.

  4. Enforce consequences. Be sure to build in consequences to your contracts. Stipulate that you must be informed of potential delays as soon as they occur. For companies who consistently miss deadlines, seek other suppliers.

Meeting project deadlines should be a concerted effort between you and your suppliers. Be sure that your expectations are clear and that all manufacturing partners are equally dedicated to ensuring that your projects are delivered on time…every time.

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