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Nonwoven Manufacturing Excellence: Developing New Products is Critical

Posted by Chris Rowlett

new nonwoven product ideasThe argument could be made that many nonwoven products are already great. Nonwovens have been used to make products lighter, more efficient, and cost effective. Nonwovens have been developed to be thicker or thinner or wider or more narrow to suit consumer needs for products. Nonwoven fabrics are out there doing their job in a huge variety of products in the marketplace.

So why should converters be concerned about developing new products using nonwovens?


  1. Consumers can be fickle. What they like today will probably change tomorrow. If you have a product that customers are raving about, you should probably go ahead and start developing an upgrade or a revision. After all, today’s consumer is accustomed to getting new software, cell phones, and gaming devices every few years. Their desire for new non-technology products is likely to follow.   Even simple products like nonwoven wax removal strips can be made softer or wider or thinner to accommodate consumer wants and needs.

  2. Cultural or economic changes. You may have noticed the rise in environmentally friendly products throughout the marketplace across all industries. That’s because consumers have been educated over a number of years about the impact humans have on the environment. This is just one example of how new products can (and should) be developed to suit a changing marketplace.

  3. Dips in sales. If your products are experiencing a slow decline in sales, it may be time for a revamped product. Studies show that consumers respond to “new” and “improved” tags on products.

  4. Your competition. Henry Ford said, “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all but goes on making his own business better all the time.” You can bet that your competitors are not only going to be studying all the other products in the marketplace, but they’re also going to be spending plenty of time in research and development. Developing your own new products is a great way to stay a step ahead.

We know product development isn’t always easy, especially if you have great products on the market that are selling well. But staying on top of the product development curve can only benefit the long-term health of your company. Work with your nonwoven manufacturing partner to collaborate on the best nonwoven fabrics for your next Big Idea.

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