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Nonwoven Manufacturing Issues: Manufacturing Trends for 2015

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

nonwoven manufacturing trendsTechnology is changing our world at an ever-increasing pace. The manufacturing industry is not immune and, in fact, has already begun to be revolutionized. But what are the coming trends in 2015 to look out for?

According to a recent article in Industry Week, there are five trends that will shape 2015 in manufacturing and that will impact business globally.


  1. SMAC Stack. What’s a “SMAC Stack,” you ask? According to the Industry Week article, SMAC stands for social, mobile, analytics and cloud. It’s a tool kit that innovative manufacturers are using to drive customer engagement and growth. Manufacturers who are on the cusp of the SMAC movement will benefit by increasing efficiencies and customer interactions.

  2. Innovation will continue to be impacted by social media. Manufacturers understand that customers are more connected than ever before. But as customers interact with businesses on a social level, they will ask for (and will almost certainly receive) product changes and innovations that may have been slower to arrive prior to lightning-fast interactions between consumers and businesses.

  3. A manufacturing workforce focused on science and engineering. The incoming workforce will have the ability to manage highly technical systems with greater automation. This will free up more time for R&D.

  4. Greater capital investment. Customer spending is up and the hope of everyone is that the recession is behind us. Manufacturers are looking to the future in 2015 and will increase spending on upgrading plants, equipment and technologies.

  5. “Next-shoring.” There was off-shoring which led to a decline in US manufacturing. Then there was re-shoring, which moved manufacturing back to the US. Now, we have next-shoring, which means that manufacturers will begin to create products closer to where those products are being sold. The time from order placement to products in consumer hands will be greatly reduced, making all of manufacturing more efficient and, in the end, profitable.


There are many changes on the horizon for nonwoven manufacturing and, in fact, all of global manufacturing. What is your business looking forward to in 2015?

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