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Nonwoven Manufacturing Partnerships: 5 Ways to Get Customer Service Right

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

You’re heard the sayings:

  • The customer is always right
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Everyone is responsible for customer service

Nonwovens customer serviceA lot of companies talk around customer service without ever quite getting there. They attempt to convince customers how important customer service is while avoiding your calls or missing your product deadlines. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk.  

There are, however, a few things your manufacturing partners can do to ensure that you receive fantastic customer service and inspire your loyalty.


  1. They will learn your name quickly. You might be surprised how many people you work with don’t get this first rule down. They might call you “Dave” when your name is Brad. People who are truly interested in doing business with you will work hard to remember, and use, your name from the start.

  2. They will be ready for you. If you’re walking into a scheduled meeting and your product manager has to scramble to get a chair for you, you might sense that they aren’t prepared. You may start wondering if they’ll be prepared for other, bigger things that may be in store during your project.

  3. They won’t point fingers.   You may have made a huge error in calculating the amount of product you needed. A company with great customer service will not look at you and say, “It’s YOUR fault!” Instead, they will say, “OK, how can we work with you to get the amount of product you need in a reasonable time frame?”

  4. They will tell all. If a project hits a snag, you can rest assured that a company with terrific customer service will let you know if anything will affect your project deadlines. And, even better, they’ll let you know that they have a solution in mind.

  5. They will listen.   They’ll ask questions about your product challenges and then they will listen to your answers. They want to truly understand what you need for superior product performance.

There are many facets to extraordinary customer service and a terrific nonwoven manufacturing partner should embody most (if not all) of them.  Is the customer service you’re getting meeting your expectations?

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