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Nonwoven Manufacturing Partnerships: Overcoming 3 Outsourcing Challenges

Posted by Chris Rowlett

Nonwoven Manufacturing partnershipsWhen you’re working directly with nonwoven manufacturers to produce nonwoven fabrics designed to meet your product specifications, you may encounter a few challenges along the way.   Let’s examine three of those challenges:  product quality, business forecasting and pricing surprises.

Product Quality

You’re concerned about your overall product quality. After all, your company’s brand and integrity are on the line in the marketplace.  You should work with a nonwoven manufacturer who has a good program already in place for monitoring product quality throughout the manufacturing process. Discuss expected product yields and anticipated timelines before your project begins.   Request real-time visibility from the production line so you can monitor trends and work with your nonwoven manufacturing partner to identify potential problems before they occur. Ensure that your team is responsive to questions and concerns from your nonwoven manufacturer as they arise.

Business Forecasting

Give your nonwoven manufacturing partner real predictability about the revenues they will generate from your business. By keeping them in the loop regarding volume levels, they can make changes within their business to accommodate the ebbs and flows of your product changes.  Forecasts are always fluctuating but, if you work with your manufacturing partners at each step along the way, you can effectively manage expectations and enable your manufacturing partner to accurately target their resources to meet your product needs and timelines.

Pricing Surprises

If you speed through the sourcing process, you may be subject to select manufacturing partners solely on bottom line cost estimates without taking into consideration the cost breakdown from your manufacturing partners.  The truth is, costs sometimes fluctuate.  Before selecting any nonwoven manufacturing partner, you should sit down and clearly define your product needs.  Give them an opportunity to provide a cost breakdown for you.  Do they give estimate breakdowns for raw materials, testing, and labor? Are you being realistic in your timeline expectations?  Will there be additional charges for rush jobs? 

You can prevent many manufacturing challenges from becoming problems by simply engaging in a mutually informative relationship with your nonwoven manufacturing partner.   Communicate your expectations and be prepared to address any concerns as they arise. 

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