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Nonwoven Manufacturing Trends: Staying Relevant As Baby Boomers Retire

Posted by Chris Rowlett

nonwoven manufacturingHow do you do most of your business with nonwoven manufacturers and converters? Over the past many years, the way to get business done was with a phone call. Perhaps it was to someone you’ve done business with before. Or perhaps the phone call was to someone you were referred to by your colleague in the industry.

But what happens when the old guard hangs up their phones permanently for the golf course or traveling around the world? As baby boomers retire, nonwoven manufacturers and converters must look to different ways of doing business to reach younger workers who may not be as fond of the phone as their retiring counterparts.

  1. Start an email campaign. Younger workers tend to do a lot of work over email. You can reach these potential customers and vendors by starting a regular email campaign to inform them about your products and let them know how you can help solve the problems they face.

  2. Go to Twitter. We’ve been working on our Twitter feed and are finding that it’s a pretty good way to reach others in the nonwoven industry. We’d love to see you there as well so we can swap ideas and talk about trends affecting our industry.

  3. Think about how your customers want to be reached. In the past, it was the phone. See if you can set up a meeting with your baby boomer contacts and the people who are being groomed to replace them when they retire. Ask the new contacts how they want to be reached and how they like to do business. After all , it’s best to hear things right from the horse’s mouth.

Industries will continue to change as older ideas are replaced with new. It’s important to all of us that our businesses remain relevant and evolving as manufacturing practices change. (And, hey, we’ll offer a shameless plug: check us out on Twitter @FDINonwovens.)

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