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5 Common Myths about Nonwovens

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Myths_About_Nonwovens.jpgThere are many common misperceptions about nonwovens.  Of course, sometimes we first have to explain exactly what a nonwoven fabric is in the first place.  But, after we do, often we have to shoot down some ideas people have about nonwovens.  Here are five common myths about nonwoven fabrics that we’d like to be rid of forever!

  1. Nonwoven fabrics are stiff. It’s true that nonwoven fabrics CAN be stiff but that’s only because they need to be for a specific product application.  Nonwoven fabrics can be engineered to be very soft and pliable as well.

  2. Nonwovens are only found in diapers. Nonwovens are everywhere, truly. They are in diapers.  And they’re in automotive headliners.    Mailing materials. Hospital drapes. Surgical masks. There are nonwoven fabrics in curtains, carpets, packaging and more. You might be surprised at where you can find nonwoven fabrics.

  3. Nonwovens are only made in China. Nonwoven fabrics are produced all over the world with many manufacturers right here in the United States. You might be surprised at how many nonwoven manufacturers are right under your nose!

  4. Nonwovens are made of only synthetic materials. While it’s true that many nonwoven fabrics are produced entirely of synthetic materials, there are some fabrics that include “natural” products as well. But, regardless of what the nonwoven fabric is composed of, the end goal is always the same: to meet the product needs in the best way!

  5. Nonwovens aren’t environmentally friendly. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Sometimes, the raw materials that are used in nonwovens are made from recycled materials. Nonwoven polypropylene fabric (the fabric often found in those promotional tote bags we’re all so fond of!) is fully recyclable.  Additionally, many nonwoven fabrics are so strong that they can be used over and over (like the tote bags!) which means that end-users aren’t discarding them after a single-use. 

The myths have been busted!  We’re pretty convinced that nonwoven fabrics are a great fit for many, many products. If you have questions about nonwoven fabrics and how they might be useful in your product application, talk to a nonwoven manufacturer.

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