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Nonwoven Wipes:  Rolling with the Times

Posted by Chris Rowlett

WipeMeWorld Moist Toilet Paper On October 8, Nonwovens Industry published an article about flushable moist toilet paper packaged a little differently:  on a roll.   Because consumers are far more accustomed to their toilet tissue being packaged on a convenient roll, this innovation a good candidate to be embraced throughout the consumer world. 

 The roll of wipes is packaged in an airtight, water resistant package that fits on a regular toilet paper holder.  The user would open the package to remove the wipes during bathroom time and immediately reseal the package. 

How will this change the current modeling in the flushable wipes market?  The repercussions, if this product takes off, should be enormous.  If the market accepts this new product, every wipes producer in the industry will almost certainly be poised to created their own rolled flushable wipes.

Benefits of a rolled flushable wipe

  1. Consumers are accustomed to having their toilet tissue on a roll.  The familiarity of this new product, targeted to be released in 2016, will almost certainly mean that consumers will be ready to at least try this new wipe.  The product may draw new consumers who have been hesitant to try wet wipes in their bathrooms.
  2. Wet wipes make for better hygiene and provide a better clean than traditional toilet tissue. 
  3. Less waste. Users tend to use few wet wipes than they do traditional toilet tissue.
  4. It’s easier to have a wet wipe right there on a toilet tissue holder than having to reach in front of you or behind you to find the wet tissue box. 

Possible drawback to a rolled flushable wipe

  1. The packaging requirements alone mean that this wipe will almost certainly be a little pricier for consumers. Manufacturers will have to see if the market is willing to bear the additional expense.
  2. Changing consumer behavior. People are accustomed to paper toilet tissue.  They may see the flushable wipes roll as an unnecessary added expense and may decide to leave the wet product on the shelf!

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