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Nonwoven Applications:  Why Wipes?

Global demand for wipes, according to the Freedonia Group, is expected to increase 5.2% annually through 2018 to make it a $13.5 billion piece of the industry.  But why are sales of wipes rising so steadily? 


  1. Demand for convenience products. Let’s face it:  people are busy.  We go from home to work back to home and tend to move fairly steadily all along the way.  Wipes are easy for consumers.  You can purchase, use without preparation and discard.  Busy parents use them for cleaning, harried moms use them for clean-up in the car and tired female professionals use them for removing makeup at the end of a long day.  The demand for convenience will most likely continue, and possibly accelerate, for the foreseeable future.

  2. Increases in manufacturing. Industrial wipes are a growing part of the market, especially with the advent of the EPA’s wiper ruleManufacturing uses for wipes is growing at a slow and steady pace in developed countries and much more rapidly in developing countries.

  3. Medical market. Wipes simply provide better protection against cross contamination than paper or cloth products, especially with the added benefits of disinfecting agents.  Additionally, since they can be made lint-free, they’re useful for clean environments. 

  4. There are multiple applications for wipes across a variety of industries.  They can be manufactured to be wet or dry with patterns or without.  Wipes are used in manufacturing for cleaning machinery and tools, hand washing and fluid absorption.  They’re used in automotives for polishing, surface prep prior to painting, and absorption for oil or chemicals.  The transportation industry uses them for cleaning and maintenance.  Additionally, there are applications for industries such as printing, food, janitorial, electronic, computer, optical and more. 

Wipes have been around for a while and people continue to find more and more uses for them.  An article on Ebay lists over 15 uses just for the common baby wipe, including stain removal, dusting houseplants, cleaning shoes, freshening drawers, removing fingerprints, cleaning toys and pets, removing spray tanner over-spray, static guard, and general body cleaning.

Wipes are here to stay.  And growth of the market is expected.  It’s only practical to consider how you can capture a piece of this growing, flexible market. 

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