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Nonwovens Everywhere: How California’s Single-Use Bag Ban Affects You

Posted by Chris Rowlett

According to a recent Nonwovens Industry article by Karen McIntyre, the single-use bag ban approved in August in California could mean great news for nonwoven converters and manufacturers.

nonwoven resusable bagsThe single-use bag ban is lauded by environmentalists but strongly opposed by plastic bag manufacturers. Already, around the country, cities and towns are proposing additional taxes for the single-use plastic bags or even banning them altogether. The new legislation in CA is sure to be picked up by other states as more and more environmentalists push for change. The days of the single-use plastic bag may be gone.

The good news? The need for nonwoven reusable bags is on the rise. According to McIntyre’s article, there are around 300 Chinese manufacturers making spunbond polypropylene bags at a low cost. INDA estimates that the market size is about 3.87 billion square meters and growing about 7% each year.

Even more good news is that, as the market continues to expand, there will be even more room for growth here in the US. As more customers turn to reusable bags, the requirement for high-strength, easy-to-clean reusable nonwoven bags will continue to grow.   Consumers will likely be drawn to new colors, fresh patterns and bags designed to withstand spills and heavy loads.

Where can US converters and nonwoven manufacturers find their niche in this market?Nonwoven Textiles Whitepaper

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