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Nonwovens in Mortuaries: 3 Ways Nonwovens Make a Difference

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Nonwovens used in the mortuary industry

Nonwovens are popular materials in casket linings due to a variety of characteristics including absorbency, tensile strength and even cost. But nonwovens aren’t just for the casket. Mortuaries use nonwovens in a variety of ways in the care and presentation of our loved ones before the casket ever comes into play.

  1. Adsorbent underpads/autopsy table pad. Most people prefer to not think about what happens to a decomposing body or to a body during the embalming process. But people in mortuaries and manufacturers with products specifically for mortuaries need to do a lot of thinking about the post-mortem process. Very soon after death, the human body begins to purge liquids. Additionally, during embalming, fluids are both withdrawn and injected. Adsorbent pads are a helpful necessity when a body is prepared for burial.

  2. Formaldehyde neutralizing pads. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Embalming chemicals often contain formaldehyde along with a mixture of other chemicals like glutaraldehyde and methanol. However, nonwoven manufacturers are able to create pads specially treated to absorb the formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is then converted to a non-hazardous polymer with no harmful vapors.

  3. Wipes and wax removal sheets. It’s a reality that, if a body is to be prepared for an open casket, some preparation needs to be done. Facial hair must be removed and, depending on the person, sometimes it’s easiest to do that with wax and nonwoven wax removal sheets.   Or, wipes may be used to clean the face prior to makeup application.

It’s difficult for many of us to think about the needs of mortuaries. But it’s important for all manufacturers to consider how their products may have useful applications in all phases of life. Consult with your nonwoven manufacturer if you have a mortuary product that could utilize the many positive characteristics of nonwoven fabrics.

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