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Nonwovens Now: Why “Made in the USA” Matters

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team


We live in the United States.  It only makes sense that Americans buying American-made products can help sustain and create American jobs.  Period. states that if every American spent an extra $3.33 on American-made items, almost 10,000 new jobs would be created.  They also state that builders using 5% more American-made products would create 220,000.

“But,” you might say, “I HAVE a job.  Why do I care about creating more jobs?”  The short answer here is that strong economies have strong job creation and low unemployment.  If individuals and businesses don’t focus on purchasing US-made products, it could affect the economy which could, in turn, affect your employment status.

But what are some of the additional reasons to keep our dollars on our shores and avoid the temptation of paying less for offshore products? 

  1. Unsafe conditions for foreign workers. Many countries don’t have labor protections in place.   Foreign workers often work for very low wages in unsafe conditions.  Age restrictions are not always in place.   Sure, you may be able to purchase nonwoven fabrics for a fraction of the cost of American-made goods, but you may be supporting manufacturers who don’t care about the health and safety of their employees.

  2. Offshoring jobs. Some companies recognize that they can pay lower wages and have a decreased cost of business due to less stringent environmental regulations.  When this happens, American jobs are lost which hurts our economy which has an impact on all businesses. 

  3. Safety and product quality standards. American nonwoven manufacturers can arrange for plant tours so you can examine not only the safety protections in place but also the effort that goes into making quality products.  Once again, you may pay less for offshore products, but you may be replacing those products far sooner than you would a higher-quality product.  

  4. Environmental concerns. The Beijing real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) at the time of this writing is at 157, an unhealthy level.  By contrast, New York City is at 29 currently.  Central Los Angeles is 38.   What is the reason for the discrepancy?  There are very few, if any, environmental protections in place. 

It makes sense to buy American products.  Buying American supports not only the jobs of others but, in turn, it supports the growth of the American economy which will support YOUR job.  Talk to your nonwoven manufacturer about why their American-made products make sense for your application

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