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Nonwovens Manufacturing: Overseas Outsourcing vs. U.S. Outsourcing

Posted by Chris Rowlett

ID-1008309Over the past few decades, many manufacturers have turned to overseas sources to produce everything from plastic parts to fasteners to fabrics. On paper, the costs of doing business often seem so much lower when considering an overseas manufacturer. The reality is that partnering with a local manufacturer has benefits that far outweigh any potential economic gain.

Why should companies choose U.S. manufacturers to produce goods like nonwoven fabrics?

  1. Delivering goods. Let’s face it, shipping can be expensive, especially if you have to get bulk shipments from Asia to the US quickly via air to meet product deadlines. Even if you don’t need the product quickly, shipping products by sea can mean extended shipping times. Once the product arrives in the US, you may also encounter delays clearing customs.

  2. Quality control. U.S. manufacturers are held to strict industry quality control standards that cannot often be replicated with overseas manufacturers. Additionally, you can often visit the plants where your product will be manufactured to audit the facility and processes for yourself.

  3. Taxes. U.S. manufacturers pay U.S. taxes. When assessing where to take your business, you may want to take into consideration the fact that U.S. companies pour tax dollars into the infrastructure that keeps the U.S. running: highways, water supply, education and national defense. Keeping U.S. dollars in the U.S. helps sustain the economy.

  4. Jobs. Keeping U.S. workers employed means that more citizens will have disposable income to purchase the very products you’re manufacturing.

No one call tell you where to take your business. But the bottom line when determining where to source your product is that sometimes the dollar figure you pay for a product is not always the real cost.

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