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Nonwovens Manufacturing: 3 Ways to Keep Personnel Working Hard

Posted by Chris Rowlett

Nonwoven_Material_In the manufacturing environment, there can be communication blocks between management personnel and the team members working on the manufacturing floor. These blocks can create discontent and affect work production. In order to manufacture quality products, inspire innovation and retain skilled workers, there should be plans in place to ensure that ideas and information flow smoothly throughout all areas of your manufacturing company.


  1. Maintain an orderly environment. The journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes published a study in 2014 that stated a cluttered, messy workplace can lead humans to feel disgusted. This can trigger a self-protection need and can lead people to carry out small acts of cheating and deceit. Your company management should focus on keeping the manufacturing floor clean and debris-free not only for safety reasons but also to keep employees happy and motivated to do their best.
  2. Listen to employees. Many times, in underperforming companies, workers complain that management doesn’t listen and doesn’t care. On the flip side, in those same companies, management counters that thought by saying employees aren’t reliable and can’t follow instructions. It’s human nature to rise to the level of expectations. Encourage your management personnel to listen to not only complaints but also the ideas your employees have. Foster an atmosphere of open communication.
  3. Recognize individuals. Praise and recognition are an essential human need. When employees and their work are valued, they often motivated to improve or increase their work output. Hold company contests or a quarterly awards lunch where you recognize employee contributions and pass out physical awards to not only show your appreciation but also to publicly recognize the good work your employees are doing.


Manufacturing isn’t easy. There are many challenges to developing and manufacturing nonwoven products to meet the rising needs of the marketplace. But by taking a few simple steps to ensure that employees are motivated, listened to and recognized, you can keep your manufacturing plant running efficiently.

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