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Nonwoven Filtration Products: The Marketplace

Posted by Kyle Lawrence

ID-100147769To get a grasp on exactly how big the nonwoven filtration market it, one has to consider that INDA will be holding a three-day conference in Baltimore in November focused only on the filtration industry. The Freedonia Group reports that the global market is expected to be worth $65.9 billion by 2015.   Air applications comprise up to 70 percent of the nonwoven filter media while liquid uses consumer the remaining 30 percent. And the industry is only expected to grow more in the coming years.

Why filtration?

We’re in an interesting period in history where technological growth is exploding. As our technologies improve, customer demands grow higher. Manufacturers in a variety of industries are continually attempting to develop better quality products. For example, several industries, including food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, work to achieve higher quality products is by filtering more often at finer micron levels. Another driving factor in the growth of the industry is the focus on environmental quality. Increasingly, federal, state and local regulations are pushing industries to continue to enact cleaner practices.

 In short, it’s a great time to be in filtration.

How to choose the right filtration media

This is a complex issue. Because there are so many uses for filtration in a wide variety of environments, it’s best to work directly with nonwoven manufacturing partners to customize the filter media to fit specific applications. For example, if the filter is in a high-heat environment, you may want a flame-resistant nonwoven fabric with low shrinkage.    You’ll want to consider thickness along with thermal stability and permeability.

The bottom line is that filtration is big, complex business. The same attributes that make nonwovens perfect for filtration must be studied and engineered precisely for every application.

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