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3 Reasons to Consider Using Nonwovens in Your Next Consumer Product

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Using nonwovens in your consumer products

Nonwoven’s Industry magazine recently published an article about the future of the global nonwovens industry. The article, based on an exclusive report by Smithers Pira, states that the global nonwovens market will grow an average of 6.3% per year to be worth about $50.8 billion by 2020. Nonwovens manufacturing and consumption is increasingly important in our current economic environment.

Why is that? Why is the demand increasing for nonwovens so steadily and what do product manufacturers and converters need to know about nonwovens to determine if they are a good fit for their products?

  1. Are you producing a disposable product? Convenience is a big consideration for consumers, especially right here in the USA. A great many products are disposable, including hygiene products, diapers, and wipes.   Those products compose a huge portion of the disposable market. However, nonwovens can certainly be a factor in many other disposable products. Consider if your product needs to be absorbent or lightweight or durable. Talk to a nonwoven manufacturer about the end-use goals.

  2. Do you need specific fabric performance? There is no need to just guess or hope that a fabric will perform according to your specifications. Synthetic nonwoven fabrics can be engineered with your characteristic requirements like specific softness, thickness, fire-retardant, elasticity, filtration, lightweight, tear-resistant. It’s pretty amazing what today’s technology can offer us in nonwoven production. That’s probably a big reason why nonwoven fabric use continues to rise!

  3. What about product packaging? Perhaps your product doesn’t need a nonwoven material within it, but have you considered packaging? Nonwovens are ideal for packaging and are used extensively for reusable tote bags and envelopes. But they’re also found in those absorbent pads under meat products, in wraps and in food linens. They’re ideal for separator sheets, industrial bags and beverage packing. If you need a tough, tear-resistant packaging for your product, you should be looking at nonwovens. 

These are only a few reasons to choose nonwovens for your products. Discuss your needs with a nonwoven manufacturer to see if they can provide assistance and get you on board with the growing nonwovens market!


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