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Shhh! Nonwovens Silence the Noise

Posted by Chris Rowlett

ID-10088797As population and technologies continue to expand, environmental noise has become more of a concern. According the US Environmental Protection Agency, there is a direct link between noise and such health problems as stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, hearing loss and sleep disruption.   Product engineers are challenged to find ways to dampen the sounds made by their increasingly powerful machinery.  

Nonwovens are a perfect fit for the acoustics industry because of their lightweight, cost-effective performance across a variety of platforms. Acoustical panels for the automotive industry have become a standard application for nonwovens, but what are some of the other ways nonwovens are used to silence our environmental noises?

Home, Sweet Home

According to a recent Devex webinar on urbanization and development, urban areas are expected to gain 1.4 billion people between 2011 and 2030. As populations increase and people continue to move closer together, soundproofing homes will become more and more critical. Nonwovens are being used currently in wallboards to reduce noise between interior walls.   Manufacturers are now creating walls and wallboards with more flexibility and design options than ever before.

Your Refrigerator is Running

Modern home designs are often blending living spaces so that families can live and work together in fewer rooms with greater flexibility. Appliance manufacturers are incorporating nonwoven acoustical blankets into noisier appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers where space is at a premium. Nonwovens allow maximum sound deadening with minimum space usage.

Work It Out

As companies continue to maximize space while still amping up quality work environments, cubicles are being redesigned to reduce noise transfer between cubicles. Nonwovens can be incorporated into new cubicles not only for noise reduction but also with flame resistant characteristics and breathable fabric for odor resistance.


Nonwovens are effective noise-reducing fabrics and can be used across a wide variety of applications. How do you use nonwovens?

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