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Industrial Excellence in Nonwoven Manufacturing is Win-Win

Posted by John Terry

Today’s manufacturing plant owners, managers, technical directors and supervisors have multiple challenges. They must strive to squeeze out optimal efficiency and profitability from their operations while ensuring that their industrial assets are running at maximum capacity. At the same time, they have to consider how to reduce negative environmental impacts and improve the safety of their workers.

It’s no easy task but striving for industrial excellence benefits everyone in the supply chain.  iStock_000014852690Small

  1. Maximize efficiency in all operations. Project management is the key here. Technical directors must work closely with all suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that deadlines are met and product quality is maintained.
  2. Manage assets properly. Asset management is a vital component of industrial excellence. Machinery must be maintained and/or replaced on a timely basis and production should be maximized to achieve the greatest return.
  3. Reduce environmental impact. As industry regulations tighten across the board, plant owners and engineers are tasked with ensuring that all manufacturing processes are as clean…and green…as possible.
  4. Improve safety. Employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Providing appropriate personal protection equipment, a clean environment and regular safety training can help decrease turnover and keep your company in business for the long run.

What are some of the ways your company strives for industrial excellence?

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Nonwoven Manufacturing Is Our Business

We're interested in finding solutions for manufacturing problems in the nonwoven arena.  We view challenges as an opportunity to assist a manufacturing partner when no one else can.  If you're looking for tips on the nonwoven manufacturing business, you've come to the right place.

Things to consider:

  • More products are using nonwoven fabrics than ever
  • As technology improves, so does nonwoven manufacturing
  • You should always partner with a manufacturer interested in solutions

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