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Why Tiny Diaper Design Matters

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Why Tiny Diapers MatterPampers, the Procter & Gamble brand, has introduced a new tiny diaper in three sizes smaller than the traditional newborn diaper to the fit teeny tiny newborn preemies born as early as the second trimester. These little diapers will fit babies born with a birth weight as low as one pound.

That is a tiny diaper.

But why does this matter?


Disposable diapersmade of nonwovens have been around for years. So this one is a little smaller. But does that make it newsworthy? Yes, we think it does.


Here’s the bottom line: it matters because it matters to the customer. For years, parents of premature infants have had problems getting the newborn-sized diapers to fit their smaller-than-traditional-newborn sized infants. It’s a pretty difficult thing for these worried parents to see their tiny infant, who may be fighting for his or her life, virtually swimming in diapers that have been folded and molded and modified to fit the tiny body. It makes the worry and the pain even more tangible.


And now? Problem is solved.


Companies who listen to their customers and solve customer problems have stories to tell. And companies who have stories to tell tend to have customer loyalty. And customer loyalty can make (or break) a company.


There are lessons we can all learn from this new product, judging from the impact these new tiny diapers have made on our market.


1. Listen to your customers. Really listen. Tune into them not just via focus groups but hang around in forums and on social media. Find out what they’re saying and thinking about your products. Or your competitor’s products.

2. Develop products that impact your customers positively. These new tiny diapers not only solve an immediate physical need but they also satisfy an emotional need for parents. Seeing their preemie in a diaper that actually fits can positively impact their belief that their baby will grow into that big, strong newborn diaper.

3. Mean what you say. Products can say that they care about their customers but if they keep offering the “same ol’ same ol’” when there is an obvious need for something different…well, perhaps they don’t care as much as they say they do.


Nonwoven products are an integral part of consumer households and consumer lives. Developing and improving products that positively (and sometimes profoundly) impact our customers is a critical part of our business.

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