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Nonwoven Applications: Hygiene Products

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

We’ve all seen the uncomfortable advertisements about personal hygiene products.  But just because they can be uncomfortable to talk about doesn’t mean that there isn’t a real need for them in the marketplace.  And nonwovens fabrics are able to be perfectly manipulated to be the exact right solution for many hygiene products. 

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Reaching Every Man, Woman and Child: Nonwovens in Consumer Products

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

The definition of a consumer product is “a tangible product for sale that is used by a person or a household for non-business purposes.”  Basically, a consumer product includes almost everything you find in your house. 

But where are the nonwovens?  To reference an earlier blog post, they are EVERYWHERE.  They are in diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, consumer product packaging, cleaning products, furniture, window coverings, clothing, food products, pet products and…well, the list is seemingly endless. 

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Topics: General Nonwovens, news, Consumer Products

Nonwoven Manufacturing Is Our Business

We're interested in finding solutions for manufacturing problems in the nonwoven arena.  We view challenges as an opportunity to assist a manufacturing partner when no one else can.  If you're looking for tips on the nonwoven manufacturing business, you've come to the right place.

Things to consider:

  • More products are using nonwoven fabrics than ever
  • As technology improves, so does nonwoven manufacturing
  • You should always partner with a manufacturer interested in solutions

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