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The New Nonwovens: Getting the “Non” Out

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Jul 20, 2016 12:00:00 PM

It’s pretty funny that we describe what we do by basically saying what we are not. We work with nonwovens. Not wovens. The anti-wovens, if you will.

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Upcoming 2016 Conferences for Nonwoven Industry Professionals

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Apr 12, 2016 1:45:16 PM

Conferences are an important part of professional development and are a key factor in developing a network of contacts within the nonwovens industry.  These upcoming conferences should be considered if you’re a project engineer, a product designer, or a manufacturer involved in nonwovens.


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4 Early 2016 Nonwoven Conferences You May Want to Consider Attending

Posted by FDI Drylaid Team

Dec 4, 2015 3:33:28 PM

Your calendar is full…you are inundated with phone calls to return, emails to answer, spreadsheets to complete, vendors to contact and customers to satisfy.  But, in the midst of all that, you can’t ignore your own personal development.  And, truth be told, you can’t ignore that attending conferences to network with your peers and keep abreast of new industry techniques and technologies can have a positive impact on your company’s future.  Take a look at a few of the upcoming 2016 conferences that you may want to consider attending: 

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Nonwoven Manufacturing Is Our Business

We're interested in finding solutions for manufacturing problems in the nonwoven arena.  We view challenges as an opportunity to assist a manufacturing partner when no one else can.  If you're looking for tips on the nonwoven manufacturing business, you've come to the right place.

Things to consider:

  • More products are using nonwoven fabrics than ever
  • As technology improves, so does nonwoven manufacturing
  • You should always partner with a manufacturer interested in solutions

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