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Using Nonwoven Fabrics Is Cost Effective

Posted by Chris Rowlett

ID-10069832Nonwoven fabrics can be manufactured using a variety of different means, but usually involve fibers that have been bonded together through chemical or mechanical treatments. Heat and solvent treatments can also be used. The term "nonwoven" fabric was coined by the textile manufacturing industry to make it clear that they're talking about materials that aren't knitted or woven like you would traditionally find in these types of situations. Nonwovens have the opportunity to save companies a significant amount of money after adoption, both with regards to the end-use product and to the manufacturing process itself.

One way that nonwovens save money during the manufacturing process has to do with the fact that they are significantly cheaper and more efficiently produced than other types of materials. Nonwovens are created using less material waste, which ultimately means that more of the materials being used during the creation process are winding up in the finished material. Other types of fabric leave a significant amount of waste behind, which results in companies losing money on those waste products.

Another way that nonwovens can save you money has to do with the fact that they are environmentally friendly. Because of the nonwoven fabric characteristics, they are ideal for geotextiles like agriculture mulch and even pond and even filtration or drainage systems. Using nonwovens will lower your business' environmental footprint in a significant way and can help make your organization more environmentally conscious and "green." Doing so will allow your business to use less energy, which will ultimately save you money.

The use of nonwoven fabrics also has the potential to save the end-user customer money, as well. Nonwoven materials are durable. This leads to nonwovens getting used as the basis for a large number of different types of end-use products including tarps, tending, pillow padding, cushion padding, upholstery padding and more. Because the lifespan of nonwovens are so long, the customer will not have to constantly replace these types of wrapping, padding or backing materials.

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