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Wiping Away Germs: How the Nonwoven Wipes Market Will Keep Growing

Posted by FDI Meltblown Team

ID-100265951The nonwoven wipes market is forecast to be worth approximately $2.5 billion in 2016. As the economy continues to improve, the demand for wipes will be on the rise as well. During the recession, consumers economized by utilizing more traditional methods of cleaning, but as the economy grows again, consumer demand for disposable, portable, convenient wipes will continue to grow.

Why do consumers like wipes?

For one thing, education about hygiene is on the rise. Children in classrooms are being educated from the very early years about not only hand-washing but utilizing disposable wipes to clean play areas and classroom equipment. They see their parents using wipes to remove germs from grocery carts. Adults, on the other hand, see disposable wipes as a way to reduce germs in their environment, thus reducing the possibilities of catching colds or other viruses that would impact their work and life schedules. Another reason consumers move to wipes is because of their convenience. They can tuck away wipes in office desks, purses, cars, and under cabinets at home. And consumers are busy: one-step cleaning wipes are a huge time-saver for busy professionals or parents.

Where are some of the main growth areas for wipes?

Task-specific wipes will continue to rise as consumers move away from using items like baby wipes for everything. The personal hygiene wipes market will continue to rise with the advent of more appealing, better-designed wipes containers. Growth in household cleaning wipes will increase as companies provide more specific wipes for bathroom, kitchen and general living space use.

The nonwoven wipes market will continue to increase in the near future as consumers become more comfortable with using wipes in their daily lives. Maybe one day there will be a nonwoven wipe available for every purpose.  We can dream.

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